Exmoor Heritage Sawmill Experience

Simonsbath Sawmill

A half day tour, connecting you to the vast cultural heritage of Simonsbath and understanding the importance of managing our woodlands whilst conserving and preserving the beauty of our National Park.

Upon arrival you will be you will be immersed into a brief history of Simonsbath and how the Sawmill came to be.

You will then be offered a uniquely Exmoor inspired lunch featuring wonderful produce from local businesses right here on the Moor.

The tour will begin in the engine room, you will see and most importantly hear the spectacular Ruston Hornsby engine in action, still powering the Sawmill after 70 years.

We then take a trip back in time to the Old Carpenter’s workshop where you will find a treasure trove of ancient, historic tooling used by the Carpenters of the Knight Estate. Here you will be given the chance to step into their shoes and try your hand at some of the age old timber processing methods.

After, we move onto the saw room, this is truly where the magic happens. Here you will witness the sheer force of the water power. Our sawyer team will be on hand to demonstrate the engaging of the engine and running timber through the historic rack saw. Here our dedicated team will take you through the story of the timber being cut, allow you to feel and smell the sawn timber and, you will be invited to have a go at “cranking the handle”.

You will discover some interesting and fun activities for all ages centred around native tree species. You will also find some very special bespoke pieces of timber, with their very own back story and an exact grid reference to where the tree stood on Exmoor.

National Park Experiences is a curated collection that brings the stories of our National Parks to life. Each experience offers an authentic insight into the landscape and special qualities of a National Park.

Adult – £25.00

Child 2 years -16 years – £8.00

Family ticket (4 people) – £55.00

Children under 2 – FREE (no picnic provided)


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