Trees often need to be cut down, whether that’s through design or necessity, but they needn’t be wasted. There is plenty of firewood and so many trees have a story to be told and we love nothing more than revealing their character. We are proud to offer a full service from tree removal to milling. That ash tree could be your new kitchen table. That oak that fell in the wind could be some new gate posts and a book shelf.

We also have a full stock of milled timber for any projects you have in mind. All of our timber comes from Exmoor and most of it has been felled by our team, so we can tell you exactly where each piece of timber is from and why it was removed. We can provide information with each piece of wood that leaves the sawmill

We are able to mill even some of the largest trees to be found on Exmoor. We have several ways of milling timber including the historic, circular rack saw and several chainsaw mills. We can take the timber to the mill or the mill to the timber.


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