Believe it or not we don’t actually like cutting trees down all the time, we’d much prefer for a lot of domestic trees to remain where they are for many more years to come, but we also understand that we want as much light in the garden as we can and that your house is far more valuable. A complete removal may not be necessary and we may be able to advise on a different approach. We can carry out a reduction which is what is says on the tin, reducing the size of the canopy so you get that evening sun. If wind in a large tree is a concern we may suggest thinning to allow the wind to pass through the canopy rather than hitting it like a sail. Alternatively if the crown is too low, making mowing the lawn difficult we can lift the canopy.

Sometimes a harsher approach is required and some trees need to be removed to make way for some new, young trees. Far too often is the case that we find trees have simply outgrown their original design. The human life can be a blink in the eye of some trees and planting an oak next to a cottage may have seemed like a good idea 120 years ago and now its grown into a concern. We will always advise the best for the future of the tree or the trees to replace it in the future.


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