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The public launch of The Exmoor Squirrel Project Monday 27th February 2023 attracted quite a lot of media attention.

We wanted to dedicate an area on our website where you can find out what has happened, why the project has become a national conversation and locate the original interviews thus filtering the clickbait articles.


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Monday 27th February 2023
Kerrie interviewed with Charlie Taylor form BBC Radio Somerset. The interview was really well thought out and was the catalyst to begin the media storm.

Tuesday 28th February 2023

The initial interview with the now infamous comment about no wastage and our aims to donate the Grey squirrels to wildlife centres led to BBC Radio 2, Jeremy Vine interviewing Nick. This segment was extremely encouraging with plenty of callers and current restauranteurs who are eating Grey squirrels and have been for years.

Newspaper Articles

The Daily Mail was the first newspaper to get in touch. Kerrie gave an in-depth explanation of the project goals and aims. To bring our native red squirrel back to the south west of England.

Restaurants are urged to serve ‘nutritious’ grey squirrel meat | Daily Mail Online

Followed by The Times

The Times view on eating squirrels: Up the Reds

Eating squirrel is good for the planet, say experts (



Friday 17th March

ITV News West Country aired a wonderful segment featuring The Exmoor Squirrel project. The interview had a good balance from Wildlife experts as well as capturing the extensive damage to some of our own local woodland.