The future of Bye Hill

Bye Wood.

For the future of Bye Hill, Exmoor National Park have launched the biggest woodland creation project to have taken place in the National Park in 15 years. Forming part of their commitment to increase tree cover on Exmoor from around 13.5% to at least 17% by 2050. The vision is simple. To create a unique and sustainable woodland using the best environmentally-friendly practices.

Unfortunately, The British Isles have one of the lowest total tree coverages in Europe. Historically, and expanded on largely during WW2, the most fertile and easily accessible land was used agriculturally. And quite rightly so! However, as a result, we are left with all the rubbish, infertile and steep ground. Well that’s fine by us! Exmoor has lots of steep ground with poor access so, lets plant that S**T up. (That’s a professional term by the way).

After seeing the Caremoor for Exmoor woods and trees appeal, we jumped at the chance to donate our time. Our donation is now a part of Exmoor’s history. We saw the first 600 trees planted on Bye Hill and what a privilege that has been. For the future of the next generation, we will to continue to donate as much time as we can to help get the remaining 12,400 trees in the ground and on their way to becoming a collective – Bye Wood.

70 of the planted trees were Oak saplings and are a part of a ‘Jubilee Grove’ for the Queen’s Green Canopy, in celebration of Her Majesty’s platinum jubilee next year.

All components used to plant the trees are biodegradable. Different materials to achieve the same goal – not be here in a few years. Some include; bamboo, wool, paper, wood and natural starch. Keeping it local, Exmoor compost and their army of Exmoor ponies kindly supplied the good stuff.

40 brave souls faced the famous Exmoor weather to walk from Winsford up to Bye Hill. Many had several four legged companions and a few tiddlers in tow, that will hopefully enjoy the woodland for many years to come. If it weren’t for the enthusiasm of 40 plus pairs of hands, Olive and Rosemary cake and a huge community spirit, the day could have been very different stood on a hill, in November, in the wind, and the rain…

Being a part of such an important and influential project, designed to benefit future generations is very important to us. You can be sure, in 50 years to come, you will find us climbing the hill come rain or shine to bask in the glory of Bye Wood.

The link below gives a more detailed overview of the project and it’s goals. But, more importantly, you can find out how you, can help, donate and become a part of the future of Bye Hill.