The Exmoor Perambulation 2024- Isla’s Story


The Three Atop team are once again taking on Exmoor for 30 miles of tough terrain. This year we are raising funds for Wallace and Gromit’s grand appeal.

Why we are raising funds

The Exmoor Perambulation 2024- Isla's Story

Isla is a very special little girl who lives in Exford with her Mummy Lara, Daddy Justin and brother Oz.

In early November 2023 when Isla was only 3 months old, she suddenly became very unwell. Despite being told by multiple doctors that she had just contracted a viral infection, she continued to become more unwell. After a few days Lara and Justin made the decision to take Isla to Musgrove A&E.

When they arrived at A&E she was checked over and, on the surface, didn’t seem to have anything majorly wrong. Once the doctors had left the room Isla suffered a seizure in Lara’s arms lasting 20 minutes. During this time, she was rushed to resus, sedated and intubated. This allowed the doctors to control the seizure and gave them enough time to carry out multiple tests and scans. Lara and Justin were told she would have to be transferred by ambulance to a larger children’s hospital for specialist treatment. After several hours, she was taken to Noah’s Ark Children’s hospital in Cardiff. She was placed in the critical care unit where her health continued to decline despite everyone’s best efforts.

After days of scans, tests and being told on multiple occasions Isla may not make it, they discovered she had a very rare disease, Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS). This condition caused her to have acute kidney failure, sepsis, blood clots in her heart and a host of other major complications.

As a result of her complete Kidney failure she was placed on hemofiltration. During the following days they managed to take her breathing tube out and lower her sedation. Isla was stable enough to transfer to Bristol Children’s hospital on the Lighthouse ward where she could receive a more intensive type of dialysis, in the hope her kidneys would regain some function.

Isla received a week of daily dialysis and her kidneys began to wake up. She was permitted more fluids and had to re-learn how to drink from a bottle after seventeen days of having a feeding tube.

Another week passed and they received the news Isla could possibly return home however, both Lara and Justin would have to learn how to administer all of her medications including twice daily injections.

After a tiring, stressful and petrifying month in hospital, Isla finally returned home 28th November 2023.

Isla is now 9 months old, happy and doing well. She still has to attend regular check-ups and undergo testing. She will unfortunately, always have lasting damage to her kidneys and continue medications for the remainder of her life however, Lara and Justin take each and every day as it comes.

Without the doctors and nurses from both Noah’s Ark and Bristol Children’s hospital, their beautiful little girl would not be here today. Lara and Justin cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for Isla. To show their gratitude, they are attempting to raise as much money for a charity that is so very close to their hearts.

Community is everything to us at Three Atop both with our work and in our personal lives. Working together, helping and supporting one another is the crutch that holds Exmoor up. Lara and Justin have played such a huge part in our lives and it is only right that we stomp our way through the gruelling 30 mile Exmoor Perambulation for a second year running to help raise as much money as we possibly can. If you can spare a few pennies for the cause, we would all be eternally grateful! Kerrie Hosegood is fundraising for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal (