The Exmoor Perambulation 2023


The Exmoor Perambulation 2023 was not something we thought would be in our calendar this year. CareMoor for Exmoor reached out to see if we were up for a challenge. Not ones to shy aways from any challenge we immediately signed up. CareMoor for Exmoor: Three Atop Woodland Services (

Why CareMoor?

As a company living and working on Exmoor, the landscape around us is extremely important. Exmoor is a working landscape & a truly special place to be. Our no waste ethos, cyclical processes and teaching of old rural skills falls in line with the conservation efforts CareMoor for Exmoor strive to achieve.

CareMoor for Exmoor is a donation scheme operated and managed by Exmoor National Park Authority. 

The scheme provides an opportunity for those who love and are inspired by Exmoor to contribute to the upkeep of the National Park through donations and visitor gifting. 

Funds raised through CareMoor are used for valunable conservation projects for nature and heritage, as well as improving access across the National Park.

Not only are we CareMoor champions, we as a company volunteer our time to many conservation projects across the Moor. Working together is the crutch that holds up the community of Exmoor. Without collaboration, Exmoor businesses and communities will not survive. 

We are committed to creating a better Exmoor for generations to come.

We will be taking part in the iconic traditional, self-navigated circular long 30 miles distance walk. The Exmoor Perambulation dates back over 725 years and follows the boundary of the Royal Forest at the time of its sale in 1818.

Any donations greatly received. CareMoor for Exmoor: Three Atop Woodland Services (

Meet The Team

Nick Hosegood – Mr Three Atop

Kerrie Hosegood – Mrs Boss

Kevin Harris – Chopper

John Clegg – Long Leggy Cleggy Weggy

Mike Serbu-Nixon – The Legend


Sam from Bear Valley very kindly donated shirts for the team to wear on their quest. We purchase all of our Arb T-Shirts from Sam and without too much smoke blowing, we believe Sam’s kit is the best!