Take a walk outdoors day


This week’s social media began with negativity and giving up (Monday was blue Monday, Tuesday was to give up your new year’s resolution day) and we wonder why we get blue after Christmas with negative national days like that! Well today is Take a walk outdoors day!

Walking is free, it doesn’t require any fancy equipment or specialized knowledge. Walking is the most basic of motions, it is one of the first things we learn to do when we are young.

Shake the blues off, grab those shoes and take a walk. Here are some of our favourite walks

Simonsbath Archaeology walk

Start point: Ashcombe Car Park, Simonsbath

Start Grid Reference:

SS 7738 3941

Distance: 7 miles (11 kilometres) There is a shorter version Simonsbath and Wheal Eliza | Exmoor Walks

This walk takes you to through Birch Cleave , Wheal Eliza Mine, Cow castle, Royal Forest of Exmoor  white Water combe. Picked stones Iron Mine

Wheal Eliza Mine was an unsuccessful copper and iron mine on the River Barle near Simonsbath on Exmoor in the English county of Somerset

The first mining activity on the site may be from 1552.

Wheal Eliza was one of the projects undertaken by the Knight family after they bought large parts of Exmoor in the early 19th century. Frederick Knight took over from his father in trying to exploit the mineral assets of the land. How Simonsbath came to be

Wheal Eliza mine ruin

Ashcombe wood and gardens

Exmoor – Simonsbath Woodlands (exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk)

Ashcombe has an interesting history as part of the Knight family purchase in 1820, it was to be created into a wild garden within the grounds of the Georgian mansion however was never fully completed. Whilst the garden was being created Jane knight revealed the beautiful white rocks we see today.


Since 2019 a small group of volunteers have been working to bring the garden back to life, almost immediately ash dieback tragically led to the felling of around 30% of the tree cover.

Thanks to funding from CareMoor, the Somerset Gardens Trust and support from Exmoor Parish Council volunteers have now planted around 200 native trees and plants to bring this garden back to life.

CareMoor – CareMoor for Ashcombe Gardens (exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk)

White Rock Cottage

Exmoor – ‘White Rock Cottage’ entrusted to Simonsbath community (exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk)

This beautiful building was once Simonsbath school. Opening in 1857 and educating the children of most of the farming families across Exmoor, although Exmoor historically was once known as the Royal Forest of Exmoor.

Simonsbath School

Simonsbath Sawmill

Our home base is also a massive part of the historical heritage of Simonsbath.

Take a walk to us and pop in to say hello on your travels. If you would like a more immersive experience please do check out our Exmoor Heritage Sawmill Experience

Working with new and old processes we are continuing the Simonsbath legacy of working with the landscape. Sustaining life and work on Exmoor as intended.

Simonsbath Sawmill