Our year 2022


2022 has been a very exciting year for us at Three Atop, here is our round up

We finally got to see Mr & Mrs Boss tie the knot! With a few postponements due to Covid it was lovely to see them finally sign on the dotted line and make things official. Little Bert looked adorable as always! We manged to get Mr Boss out of his chainsaw trousers and Mrs Boss looked beautiful! Three Atop Woodland Services (@threeatop) • Instagram photos and videos

Jake our team leader welcomed his 1st child, baby Alfred into the world and celebrated working with us for 1 year! Congratulations!

Jake and Alfred

We gained a new Three Atop team member Jo Harris. Jo was looking to get her teeth into a new industry and loves to learn about the landscape we live in.

Already Jo has enrolled on a Fungi course. This is the first step in understanding the co-existence of our trees and Fungi across Exmoor. This is invaluable knowledge to aid in the surveying of trees and identify decay to allow safe removal when required. As we grow as a company, we are very pleased to have Jo onboard to assist in our very exciting Three Atop future.

Induction with Bert

Kerrie & Jo set to work to launch our shop Sawmill Shop – Three Atop with many a durr moment along the way.

We now have a platform for you all to purchase our very unique items. Some that have been created by our very own handy Andy!

We plan to add to our inventory next year and build our range. This will offer you all a truly unique Exmoor experience in your own home. Do get in touch if you have anything specific in mind also!

Handy Andy

Rural Enterprise Exmoor

Mrs Boss has been continuing her work as the Business Engagement Facilitator for Rural Enterprise Exmoor. This role is very important to Kerrie as it encompasses everything that Three Atop stands for. Working together, sustainability, sourcing local, working landscapes & so much more.

We are also a proud Park partner and invite all local business to take advantage of this great incentive. Exmoor – Park Partners (exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk)

My favourite tree competition

The year of launching the My favourite tree competition in collaboration with Ema Rowe Wild Wellies ( Tales & Treasures!) | Facebook. This was a huge success for all involved. The children took on the challenge with such enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, it was our pleasure to see all the entries and something we are continuing through the local schools/area in 2023. My favourite tree competition – Three Atop

Giving back

This year we donated our team to Exmoor Zoo. The team shared a work space with the beautiful Lynx (not an everyday occurrence!) This made the enclosure a safer habitat for animals and people alike.

We continue to partner and donate to CareMoor – Welcome (exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk).

Donations continue with a generous wood donation to Home (northdevonbiosphere.org.uk). The wood will be used to supply bird houses to new home owners!

Sawmill Heritage Experiences

Sawmill Heritage experiences are back! It has been our pleasure to welcome you all back to the sawmill this year. We have added extra dates for 2023 to ensure you all get a chance to experience this beautiful heritage site. Exmoor Heritage Sawmill Experience – Three Atop

Exmoor Timber Preservation – Three Atop

As you all know we are very passionate about the cyclical process we offer. We are combining the new and the old at the Simonsbath Sawmill. We are keeping the charm of this heritage site alive whilst we also bring her into the modern era. This will ensure this beautiful site can continue to be a working one for future generations.

Investing in the past to ensure our future.  Exmoor Timber Preservation – Three Atop

Sawmill Barn Owls

In late spring our resident Sawmill Barn owl hatched 4 little owlets. We had been watching with bated breath via camera link fitted to the owl house. The 4 babies were cared for by Mummy & Daddy owl who saw them leave the nest in June. Mummy owl is now enjoying her alone time and much needed rest. She does enjoy a little dance when we have the radio on.

We do hope Mummy owl has a family again next year. We will keep you updated! Stories • Instagram

What a packed year!

We are so very grateful for the support we have received from our new and existing customers. We thank our suppliers and collaborators.

With your continued support we continue to grow our business. This allows us to give back to our community and above all work within our ethos and environment we love.

We are looking forward to switching off and preparing for a very exciting 2023!