My Favourite Tree Competition 2024


My Favourite Tree Competition 2024! Our annual competition with Ema Rowe from Wild Wellies,  Wild Wellies ( Tales & Treasures!) | Facebook  has to be the highlight of our year. Initially the competition was open to the children of Exmoor and Greater Exmoor however we received entries from all over the world last year which is incredible.

Our aim

Over the years we have encountered situations wherein the younger generation are aghast at the fact trees are being cutdown. The children have an understanding of the severe impacts of deforestation and assume management of woodlands is the same thing. The fact the next generation have little understanding of the role these great trees play in their future is unsettling.

Ema has seen very similar responses with her Forest School educating. When asking ice breaker questions such as ‘what is your favourite superhero?’, ‘what is your favourite food?’, or ‘what is your favourite games console character?’, the children were keen to share multiple answers. However, when asked about their favourite tree, they couldn’t answer, let alone recall what or where it was.

We are welcoming children to draw or celebrate their favourite tree in any artistic means they see fit. The aim is to connect their lives to a tree, encourage observation of that tree throughout the seasons and the wildlife it supports. Thus encouraging appreciation and pride in the landscape from an early age.

The Future

This project also feeds into some of the Rural Enterprise Exmoor vision works. Exmoor – Rural Enterprise Exmoor Vision ( The vision has been pieced together to ensure a difference is made to the economy in the near future. The children the competition is aimed at will be ready to enter into the working world within the next 15 years.

This competition is part of our bid to ensure we create opportunities for young people across Exmoor and Greater Exmoor. We hope to further their understanding on how they can work and live in harmony with this beautiful place we call home. There are so many unique opportunities for the next generation of Exmoor’s economy. Let’s start to expand their knowledge whilst their minds are young and full of vibrancy and imagination.


We have reached out to the local schools and home school networks to promote and encourage the competition. Many have signed up and are working alongside us. If you have a group or network that would like to get involved, please do get in touch!

Our Judges

Kerrie and Ema are very excited once again to see the entries from you all and will be joined by:

Graeme McVittie, the Senior Conservation Officer of Woodlands for Exmoor National Park will be proudly sitting on the judging panel alongside Leo Davey, a very talented local artist based in Minehead  Artist | Leo Davey Studio/Gallery | England

Closing Date

The My Favourite Tree competition is now live with a closing date of 31st March 2024.

Winners will be notified Friday 12th April 2024 with the presentation and open gallery being held Saturday 27th April at Simonsbath Sawmill for all to see the children’s wonderful art entries.

If you have entered through your school these will be collected for you. Any individual entries can be sent to Alternatively drop in to Simonsbath Sawmill.

Entry forms can be downloaded here or collected from Ema at Wild Wellies or Simonsbath Sawmill

Past entries and winners


We cannot wait to see your My Favourite Tree Competition entries for 2024