My Favourite Tree 2024 celebration


The My Favourite Tree competition of 2024 has once again captured the imagination and creativity of little artists. With a record-breaking 223 entries, the event has blossomed into a full-fledged celebration of arboreal beauty and artistic expression.

Judges, Ema Rowe, Kerrie Hosegood, Leo Davey, and Graeme Mcvittie, faced the delightful challenge of sifting through the forest of submissions. Their expertise and passion were put to the test as they navigated the diverse landscape of styles and mediums. Adding a new 3D category this year to aide them with their decisions.

As the competition grows, it continues to offer a platform for budding young artists to showcase their talents and share their unique visions of nature’s giants. My Favourite Tree is not just a contest; it’s a community, a conversation, and a celebration of the natural world through the lens of art. Here’s to many more years of inspiring artistry and the trees that kindle our creativity!

On Saturday, 27th April 2024, the My Favourite Tree presentation day at Simonsbath Sawmill became a heart warming event as it drew an incredible turnout to celebrate the children’s artwork. Families beamed with pride and the community showed up in force, all gathering to appreciate the remarkable array of creative works on display.

My Favourite tree 2024 Gilly

Fabulous Prizes for our winners

My Favourite Tree 2024 public

Some of our 2024 winners

Continuing the celebration

This year, for the first time! all The winners artwork will be displayed at professional artist, Leo Davy’s art gallery in Minehead.

We wanted to give the chance for the children to show their incredible work to a larger audience. 

So from Tuesday 14th May- Saturday 18th May 11-4pm ( 12pm-4pm on the Thursday) you will be able to visit to gallery.

Art Gallery

Thank you

We absolutely adore this competition and are super excited to see all of the amazing entries next year. We would like to thank:

First and foremost, our biggest thank you goes to Ema Wild Wellies ( Tales & Treasures!)Without her ideas, determination and imagination My Favourite Tree just wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you to:
Exmoor Printers for printing our certificates

Cocoa’s – Locally handmade chocolates for designing and suppling delicious tree and leaf chocolates

BurntChips for designing and engraving the winner plaques.

Paradise Catering (Grandma) donated some mouth watering cakes.

Exmoor National Park for donating trees to all 5 of our winners

Last but not least and most importantly, a thank you goes to each and every child that took the time to connect with their favourite trees and share them with us.
Not forgetting the teachers and parents that supported their small people throughout the competition.

Wild wellies
Three Atop