Mind & Body Wellness day


Mind & body wellness can mean so many different things to different people. I think we can all relate that life can sometimes not be as easy as one would hope.

COVID 19 saw many of us really appreciate the outside world and what nature offers us on a day-to-day basis. Many of us made real changes to the way we live our lives.

Improving our mental and body wellbeing became less selfish than before, taking care of yourself first allows you in turn to be able to be there for others.

These are some things I do/have done to improve my health and wellness.

Take control

Last year I really looked into all areas of my life and assessed what could and what needed to change. The biggest change was leaving a work environment that was no longer serving as a positive contributor in my life. This was of course a scary thing to do however the work life balance reward has improved my health dramatically. Instead of artificial office lighting and the 9-5 office grind I now have Exmoor national park as an office. I am learning about a new industry and understanding the working landscape that surrounds us.

I never thought getting back to nature would have such a massive positive effect on me, such a simple, albeit scary change has been incredible.

Appreciating the small things in life and understanding that life is way to short to be miserable.


Take that walk you keep promising yourself, even a 10-minute walk can improve your mood instantly. We are extremely lucky to have the beautiful Exmoor national park on our doorstep.


No not alcohol 🙂 Water, fuelling your body will not only increase your energy it will make your skin look awesome!


Try not to put so much pressure on yourself to be healthy all the time instead, be “healthful” do something “healthful”

Your Mind and body will work together and in turn you will be healthy. The body cannot work without the mind.

Try something new

So this was something completely out of my comfort zone however I popped on my shorts and went off to pole dance. Beth Brown based in Dulverton StudioB | Dulverton | Facebook made me feel so at ease, it also helped that Mrs Boss had been prior. The people attending class are amazing, it certainly looks easier than it is!

The endorphin rush was just what the doctor ordered in these cold wintery months!

Having such a niche class on Exmoor is amazing. All ages & abilities welcome.


My favourite! resting our body and mind is probably the best thing you can do to recharge after a hectic day.

I hope 2023 is a healthful one for you all