Matilda pig – From rescue to recovery

Matilda smiling

For those that don’t know, around 8 weeks or so ago, we happened upon a pig wandering the meadow opposite Simonsbath Sawmill. She looked terribly unwell and was very nervous and cautious.

Kerrie feeding Matilda

After many attempts to find out where she came from we finally arrived on her having been abandoned.

Josmiff and Mrs Boss took it upon themselves to do everything they could to try and save this pig. Josmiff then named the pig Matilda and of course, this meant we had no choice but to save her.

Looking back on how bad a condition Matilda was in is heart breaking. How anyone could abandon an animal is beyond imaginable.

Our faith in humanity was restored when the community rallied together to help us save this unfortunate soul.

The entire Three Atop team rallied and created Matilda a palace fit for a princess.

Matilda arriving at her new home
Housewarming dinner

There has been so much gratitude given to everyone who helped, advised and has been a part of this journey. We cannot be more thankful and couldn’t have done this without you!

Matilda has been cared for dearly, given medication, pampered and loved. Look at how far she has come

You will pleased to hear she is now in her forever home with Mrs Boss, currently snoring without a care in the world.