Stand Up For Red Squirrels Forest School

Stand up for red squirrels forest school with wildwellies is complete for 2023.

What have we been up to?

Week 1

Week 1 saw our first “Stand up for Red Squirrels” Forest school session and it went off with a bang! So many families and children, the woods were filled with laughter, intrigue and wonder!

The programme consisted of:

  • Squirrel quiz
  • Learning the differences between reds and greys
  • Identifying damage
  • Woodland walking
  • Hiding our own larch cones
  • Starting to build own own squirrel
  • Gained the first page of our squirrel passport
  • Free play
  • Finishing off with s’mores and hot chocolate around the fire
Bert Sawing
Harper sawing

Week 2

Week 2

“Stand up for Red Squirrels” session 2 was a blast.

It was all about the comfort, calm and exploring today.

  • Squirrel quiz – understanding behaviours
  • Recap on tree damage with the children identifying it themselves!
  • Remembering important key words and facts
  • Woodland exploring
  • “Be the squirrel” – a squirrel run obstacle course to see if we can be as agile at moving and climbing
  • Continuing our squirrel build
  • Gained the second page of our squirrel passport
  • Build your own pizza wraps for lunch
  • Free play
  • Marshmallows and fire time

We are absolutely blown away by how much information these small minds are retaining. They have shared how they have been searching woodlands for signs of damage and are each taking a genuine interest in our native red squirrels.

Week 3

3 forest schools, 3 weeks, so many happy faces!

  • Squirrel quiz recap
  • Assembling our very own red squirrel
  • Woodland exploring
  • Bouncing swings
  • Balancing
  • Gained the third and final page of our squirrel passport
  • Free play
  • Chatting about all the things we have learnt, what the children loved the most and how they are teaching others to look out for grey damage in our woodlands
  • S’mores and fire time
  • Received our special “Stand up for red squirrels” badge
Team picture

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences to spend time with these young minds, watch them explore, interact and delve deeply into the importance of ensuring our landscape is cared for.

Being a part of the educational aspect of The Exmoor Squirrel Project has been phenomenal and we hope to ensure we continue this level of passion with more little people.

This simply would not have been possible without Ema @wild_wellies. Forever the inspiration and advocate for young people.

The money raised from these sessions will be donated to @redsquirrelsw to ensure important conservation and research works continue.

A thank you to our collaborators on the project @exmoornp and @redsquirrelsw

Wild wellies
Three Atop
exmoor national park
Red squirrel


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