Arboriculture and Forestry on Exmoor

Our sawmill experience

Exmoor Heritage Sawmill Experience

A half day tour, connecting you to the vast cultural heritage of Simonsbath and understanding the importance of managing our woodlands whilst conserving and preserving the beauty of our National Park.


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Our qualified and experienced team carry out all aspects of tree work across across Exmoor and the surrounding areas. We offer a consultation process inclusive of a site visit allowing us to assess your needs and offer our support and advice for the most appropriate direction for your trees.

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Forestry & Woodland Management

The sustainability of Exmoor’s woodlands is our greatest concern and to be sustainable we believe they must have a value. This value can be as a commercial crop, amenity value to a property or improving biodiversity and each value requires a different approach. To unlock the possibilities of your woodland, large or small, simply request a site visit.

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Simonsbath Sawmill – The future for your timber

We love to give trees a purpose! Our team can reveal a trees full potential allowing you to enjoy your tree for many more years to come.

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Ash Die Back

For some very personal, informal opinions from someone that has been dealing with ash trees almost daily for 4 years now, please have a read.

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Business Partnership

We are very proud to announce we are now a North Devon Biosphere Business Partner. This scheme allows us the opportunity to share our pride for the world class area we live and work in by being a part of a sustainable business network of likeminded businesses committed to looking after the very assets that attract 80% of our visitors, as well as taking care of the area we call home. It’s not all just hacking and slashing you know.


An Exmoor Institution

We take great pride in having won the Pinnacle Award in 2017, adding us to a long, ever increasing list of entrepreneurs from right here on Exmoor. We also won the MacEwen Essay writing competition in 2021, where we discuss the future of Exmoor’s trees.