Chainsaw milling: From Tree to Table

I had the pleasure of being a part of this tree’s story.

This pine, that needed to be removed, has been re-purposed. This project epitomises my aims and goals for Three Atop Woodland Services. I would not have been able to carry out this, the first of many tree stories, without the generosity of The Exmoor Society. The grant that I received for winning the Pinnacle Award enabled me to purchase the equipment seen here to process trees into usable materials and for that I am very grateful. Having dismantled the tree I removed the main stem leaving the stump high. Using the Logosol Big Mill system and Stihl 661 I milled the stem into planks. The Big Mill system is a portable chainsaw milling apparatus of Swedish design that enables precise milling of timber. The lightweight metal rails ensure exact first cuts. I am able to mill a variety of sizes and lengths using the 6 X 1 Metre sections of rails. I use a Stihl 661, purchased at Hayes Garden Machinery, for milling because of its fantastic power and versatility. Once the planks had been milled to specification I then set about plans for construction. I chose to build a modest tabletop of simple design which would offer great versatility for the customer as no formal specification was requested. I treated the timber and installed the tabletop back on top of the remaining stump and in doing so completing the cycle.

I found great satisfaction in creating a purpose and benefit from the unfortunate necessity to remove the tree. I would like to think the life of this tree has not ended but has been re-purposed due to my endeavours. This project is only the beginning, a taste of what I hope to provide and achieve in the future. If you would like any more information about this work or have a project you would like to discuss please do get in contact and I would love to be of service.